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Not All Commercial Cleaning Companies are Alike

True, many vendors offer janitorial services. They provide carpet cleaning, hard surface floor care and window cleaning; maintain lighting and landscaping; they maintain lighting and provide other building maintenance services; and they handle special requests throughout the year. But take a deeper look into the organization and you'll discover important differences that allow a company like Facility Masters to stand apart.

Here are 6 key questions to ask when selecting a cleaning company:

  1. 1 How much experience do you have with clients like us?

    Since 1981, Facility Masters has been working in corporate, high-tech, cleanroom, biotech, healthcare, homeowner association, hospitality, retail , transportation, education, government, industrial and production facilities.

  2. 2 What is your approach to hiring and training your employees?

    All Facility Masters employees are hired in full compliance with state and federal regulations and we provide thorough training in all aspects of cleaning, safety and customer service.

  3. 3 What kind of quality assurance program do you use?

    Facility Masters offers a comprehensive approach to providing quality services that encompasses our entire organization and includes MAX, our proprietary software program, that tracks all work orders and service corrections. This offers you a proven approach that will significantly reduce traditional facility service concerns before they occur and ensures your facility is maintained according to your specifications.

  4. 4 How do you manage communication between your managers, supervisors and cleaning crews?

    Our managers and supervisors meet daily to review all work orders, service corrections and customer requests to be completed that night. By morning these same reports confirm completion of the work.

  5. 5 What is your approach to cleaning for health and green cleaning?

    We believe a facility should be cleaned for health as well as appearance to ensure the health and vitality of your workforce. We are also committed to green cleaning, with products and procedures that are safe for the environment.

  6. 6 Who can I contact personally for issues related to our facility?

    Facility Masters assigns an Account Manager to personally handle every aspect of managing our services in your facility. This manager is there for you, when you need them, to discuss any issues related to your account.

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