Managing every aspect of building maintenance for you. 

We have an extensive expertise in managing multitudes of buildings and facilities including corporate, retail, biotech, industrial, healthcare, construction, and more. At Facility Masters we provide all of the services your location needs including:

Janitorial Services

Facility Technician

Relocation Management

Other Projects

Janitor San Jose CA - Janitor San Franci


Solutions for your Business
Our mission is to cultivate an exceptional facility environment by managing every aspect of cleaning and preserving a vibrant work space. We believe in the health and vitality of your workforce and are committed to green cleaning with products and procedures that are safe for the environment.

Why work with Facility Masters?

We're obsessed with quality, have the highest quality contractors, senior project leadership, and top tier environmentally friendly products. Facility Masters is also licensed and holistically a company you can trust.










Room 2

Room 2

San Jose Commercial Cleaning
San Jose Janitorial Cleaning
San Jose Facility Cleaning
San Jose Building Maintenance
San Jose Building Technician
San Jose Building Pressure Washing

San Francisco Commercial Cleaning
San Francisco Janitorial Cleaning
San Francisco Facility Cleaning
San Francisco Building Maintenance
San Fransisco Building Technician
San Fransico Building Pressure Washing

Silicon Valley Commercial Cleaning
Silicon Valley Janitorial Cleaning
Silicon Valley Facility Cleaning
Silicon Valley Building Maintenance
Silicon Valley Building Technician
Silicon Valley Building Pressure Washing

Brea CA Commercial Cleaning
Brea CA Valley Janitorial Cleaning
Brea CA Facility Cleaning
Brea CA Valley Building Maintenance
Brea CA Building Technician
Brea CA Building Pressure Washing

Huntington Beach Commercial Cleaning
Huntington Beach Janitorial Cleaning
Huntington Beach Facility Cleaning
Huntington Beach Valley Building Maintenance
Huntington Beach Building Technician
Huntington Beach Building Pressure Washing

Long Beach Commercial Cleaning
Long Beach Janitorial Cleaning
Long Beach Facility Cleaning
Long Beach Valley Building Maintenance
Long Beach Building Technician
Long Beach Building Pressure Washing

Irvine CA Commercial Cleaning
Irvine CA Janitorial Cleaning
Irvine CA Facility Cleaning
Irvine CA Valley Building Maintenance
Irvine CA Building Technician
Irvine CA Building Pressure Washing

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