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  • One Stop For Facility Services

    At Facility Masters, we take pride in managing every aspect of cleaning and building maintenance in your facility for you.

    We have experience cleaning in all environments including corporate, high-tech, cleanroom, biotech, healthcare, homeowner association, hospitality, retail, transportation, education, government, industrial and production facilities. And our employees are trained to provide the very best service in the industry.

  • Communication to the MAX

    But what really sets us apart is our ability to proactively coordinate every detail of our cleaning services without you having to think about it. With MAX, our proprietary software, we provide complete communication among our team members and continuous improvement for our clients. Learn More

  • Healthy, Green Cleaning

    We also are committed to cleaning for health, and believe that a facility cleaned to the highest performance standards protects the wellness and vitality of your workforce. Further, we clean using green products and procedures that are safe for the environment.
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    Facility Masters invites you to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how the benefits we provide elevate us from the competition.

6 Key Questions to Ask When
Selecting a Cleaning Company:

  • How much experience do you have with clients like us?
  • What is your approach to training your employees?
  • What kind of quality assurance program
    do you use?
  • How do you manage communications between your supervisors and your cleaning crews?
  • What is your approach to cleaning for health?
  • Who can I contact personally for issues
    related to our facility?